Meals Station, KL Sentral

Sat down and ordered Ipoh kuey teow soup. This is what I got besides the kuey teow and a few pieces of fish balls….
Raw carrots. So hard that I can’t even bite through it.
A close up of the carrot.


I’ve been here less than five times. They are the only shop which opens 24 hours. So I didn’t have any other choice.
Experienced bad service and bad food during all my visits here. The waiters were unable to speak English or even simple Malay. Hence, they mixed up my orders. Food was tasteless. So I just eat and leave.
Verdict: Avoid it if you can. I wonder what happened to Warong Kita, which was taken over by Meals Station.
Meals Station
KL Sentral
Kuala Lumpur 


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