Sungai Bagan Seafood Restaurant, Port Klang

Going to Port Klang for some seafood.
Nice view from the restaurant.
All tables are arranged to face the sea.
Jasmine tea (hot and cold) was given to all customers.
We thought that it’s complimentary. Turns out it’s RM0.70 per glass when we saw the bill.
A little unethical as the waiters did not inform us about the price or even asking first if we would like to have tea.
Most customers did not drink the tea at all. And everyone was charged blindly.

 Fresh apple juice (RM3.50).

Mixed vege with squid, prawn and chicken (RM10.00)

It was good.


Deep fried sotong (RM18.00).
Nice, nice, nice.
The sambal goes so well with the crunchy sotong.
Udang bakar (RM17.00)

Siakap bakar (RM36.00)
Not too bad.
Would prefer to cook in sweet and sour style or steam.
Our dinner for the night.
Assorted kuih was complimentary.

Verdict: Overall, it was ok. Have tasted better seafood in other places. Should not just simply hand out chinese tea to everyone without asking customers first. Service was fast.

Sungai Bagan Seafood Restaurant
Port Klang, Selangor. 



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