Restoran Cozy House, Ampang Park



Our original plan was to buka puasa at Cozy Corner, which is also located in Ampang Park Mall. But they were fully booked. The only tables available were along the corridor. Hmmmmm….thanks, but no thanks.
So we proceeded to Cozy House. It was crowded but there’s still tables for us.
A snap of the menu.
Lots and lots of choices.
I didn’t know what to choose, so I left it for the bf to decide.
After all, he’s the hungry one…..hehehe.
(Also, the waitress kept pestering us to make our order quickly so that they can cook it in time for buka puasa. I don’t like making decisions while being pressured, so let the man choose.)
What we (or rather he) ordered last night….
Steamed siakap (RM30.00)
I love the fish!
It’s steamed with garlic, ginger and light soy sauce.
So simple and delicious.
Both of us polished off everything.
Seafood tomyam (RM11.00)
There’s fishball, prawns, cauliflower, baby corn.
A little diluted and less spicy.
Stir fried mixed vege (RM10.00)
Think this is expensive.
Just a simple vege dish with sawi, carrots, a few shrimps, chicken, cabbage.
Found some kangkong sesat too.

Verdict: It was ok. The steamed fish was good. I don’t recommend the mixed vege though as it’s not worth the price. I don’t mind coming again to try their variety of fried rice. Heard their noodles are good too.

Restoran Cozy House
Ampang Park Shopping Centre
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur.


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