PappaRich, Jalan Ipoh

Had a late lunch on the third day of Raya.
There were hardly any cars on road.
KL was so quiet.


Peaceful afternoon
Dry Kuey Teow with Steamed Chicken (RM10.90)
Nothing special.
It’s just that I love eating steamed chicken and I love kuey teow.
PappaRich combines both of my favourites.
Not the most delicious dish around but still yippee!  🙂
Fried Foo Chok (RM6.50)
Mee Goreng (RM8.90)
I don’t understand the need to sprinkle the chopped lettuce.
Less is more  🙂
Chicken Rice (RM10.90)
Again, just because I like steamed chicken.
Fried Chicken Wings (RM10.90)
I ate only 1 piece.
It was too salty.
Fried Egg (RM1.20)
Left : Soya cendol (RM6.80)
Right : Soya Jelly (RM6.80)
The soy milk was diluted.
Soya cendol tasted a little weird.
Not sure it’s because of the cendol or the brown sugar. Didn’t seem to taste like gula melaka.


Verdict: Foodwise…just average. Service needs to be improved. The waiters kept getting the orders wrong as they have problem understanding Malay or English language.
Nowadays, kopitiam is just too commercialised. Food quality doesn’t seem to be a top priority. Oh, and don’t let me get started on the price.
I really miss the old school kopitiam…it’s a dying tradition. * sad *
Lot 753, Batu 4 1/2,
Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.


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