Restoran SS2 Murni, PJ

There’s no need for an introduction to the famous Murni, I’m sure.
Almost everyone I know have been here at least once.
So let’s see what we had during our recent visit there.
By the way, I did not take any pic of their menu as the menu was really, really in a bad shape.
It was so bad, so buruk, almost ‘lunyai’.
Murni’s boss…please make new menu books and laminate them yah  🙂
Pink Panther
A combination of banana and strawberry flavoured ice blended drink.
Topped with some lychees + nata de coco on the top and a few cubes of watermelon at the bottom.
Nice, cool drink on a hot day.
Beware…it’s sweet.


Lychees and nata de coco floating on the top.
BF’s ais kosong’s hidden at the back.
Seafood Spaghetti
Quite generous with the seafood.
But overall…just average.
Too watery as well.
A closer look.
The portion was quite large.
Beef Steak
BF was quite happy with his choice.
Firstly, Murni did the right thing by not pouring the sauce on the beef but instead, the sauce was served in a separate plate.
We both enjoyed the coleslaw, surprisingly.
This simple side dish was not overwhelmed by mayonnaise. The dressing was just light and perfect.
As for the beef, it was quite juicy and not too bad for a place like this.
** Updated with new photos. **
3 Layer Tea


Can’t remember what it is called.
But basically it was just a mixture of Sprite and ribena.
Super sweet mango and longan.
Mee Raja.
I don’t understand what’s all the hype about this noodles.
It’s tasted ordinary to me.
If I’m not mistaken, this was Roti Beckham.
Filled with tuna and cheese.
Surprisingly, it was not too bad.
Chicken chop with carbonara.
It was okay lah.
Value for money in terms of portion.
Restoran SS2 Murni
Jalan SS2/75, 
Petaling Jaya.


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