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Have been super busy since CNY.
I have so many pending food posts but just didn’t have the time to sit down and sort out the pictures.
Anyway, BF and I went all the way to Kepong for Thai food.
He is a Tom Yam lover.
So being a nice GF, I search for the best and most authentic Thai restaurants in KL and PJ.
Khunthai Restaurant was in my list (after spending hours searching on Google), in fact right on top of the list.
Khunthai has 2 branches here…one in Kepong and the other in PJ.
Due to its far location plus the after office hour jam, Khunthai was not in my consideration and I strike it off my list…..
…until I saw that it was featured on Ho Chak on 8TV on last Sunday.
Saw the host eating Thai Seafood Otak Otak.
It looked so good that I decided we MUST go to Khunthai tomorrow.
(in the end, we didn’t even order the otak otak  😛 )


Cover of the menu
We gave the otak otak a miss.
Maybe next time 🙂
Tom Yam is a must order in any Thai Restaurant.
Here you can choose either the white or red Tom Yam.
I wanted to try the Chap Oong Omelette but BF wasn’t interested.
Pictures of the Thai Royal Family.
Cute baby elephant 🙂



Rice (RM1.20 per pax).
Served in this Thai traditional rice bowl.
I was disappointed that they serve the normal white rice instead of Thai fragrant rice.
Sauce for dipping.
I love that sauce on top left.
I have no idea what sauce was that. It went so well with everything.
BF said it’s plum sauce mixed with peanuts.
White Tom Yam with Mixed Seafood (RM20.00 for small serving)
We loved it 🙂
They were generous with the amount of seafood.
There were mushrooms, fish, prawns and squids.
The portion was enough for 2 to 3 persons, but definitely too much for one.
It may taste a little sour at first, but once we started slurping the soup, we couldn’t stop.
We could taste the spices and ingredients that were used especially galangal (lengkuas) and lemongrass.
A closer look at the Tom Yam.



BBQ Cockles (RM8.00 for small serving)
Cockles were medium sized. It was average in terms of taste.
We ordered this because we love eating cockles.
Steamed cockles would be better.
Onion Omelette (RM8.00 for small serving)
This was SO GOOD.They weren’t stingy with the onions.
The omelette went so well with rice and tasted even better eating it on its own.
(though I wonder how’s the taste of Chap Oong Omelette…)


Thai Style Steamed Fish (RM38.00)
We loved this dish too.
The fish was fresh and sweet (as in “ikan ni manis”).
The gravy was a good, appetizing way.
This dish tasted slightly better than Muhibbah’s steamed fish, though I’m still a fan of Muhibbah Restaurant 🙂
Deep Fried Tofu (RM8.00 for small serving)
BF’s favourite.
I was more into the omelette…lol.
It was okay for me.
Cripsy on the outside, juicy tofu inside.



Everything was polished off.
We thoroughly enjoyed the food.
Oh yes, we will be back 🙂
** Updated with a visit to another branch in PJ **
And yes, we are back to Khunthai.
This time we decided to go to its branch in PJ.
It is much nearer to our office and less jam compared to Kepong.
And nope, we didn’t order the otak otak 😛
Onion Omelette (RM8.00)
Of course we ordered the omelette…lol.
However, this was a let down.
The omelette wasn’t as tasty as the one we had in Kepong.
It wasn’t crispy and it lacked of the sweetness from the onions.
Deep Fried Tofu (RM8.00)
Tasted just like in Kepong.
We have no complaints 🙂
Pineapple Fried Rice (RM6.00)
It was quite good.
Wish the portion was bigger…lol.


Deep Fried Chicken Wings (RM10.00)
The star of the night was these lovely chicken wings.
Deep fried till crispy, yet the wings remained tender and juicy.
Unlike in Kepong, this branch only gave us this miserable looking sauce for dipping.
White Tom Yam With Mixed Seafood (RM20.00)
Tom Yam was as delicious as Kepong’s.
The level of sourness was just right and it wasn’t too spicy.
However, we noticed that the tom yam here was slightly on the sweet side.
Fish Cakes (RM15.00)
BF’s favourite snack when he was working in Bangkok.
They were slightly dry.
The taste of fish was lacking too.
Overall, we prefer the taste of the dishes and the customer service in Kepong.
The staff here in PJ branch weren’t very friendly.
Oh well, looks like we would need to brave the Kepong traffic for good tom yam and onion omelette…

Khunthai Restaurant
Jalan 17A & 18A,
52100 Desa Aman Puri,

Tel: 03-6277 3523

Khunthai Restaurant
6, Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden,
Off Jalan Gasing,
46000, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7781 7523



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