Fierce Curry House, Bangsar



Finally we had the chance to try the famous briyani rice 🙂
They even have lobster briyani
Boleh tahan 😛
Who would have thought of that?
Besides briyani, you can find banana leaf rice set here too.
The price is pretty reasonable.
Many varieties of roti canai & thosai
I like the interiors.
Feels just like you are at home.
BF ordered this. Good choice.
Sweet and refreshing.
Each briyani set comes with 2 vege, rasam and curry.
The briyani is served in this cute, little pot which is sealed with pastry.


After removing the pastry seal, this was what we got.
Really nice fragrance of briyani.
Fluffy basmati rice.
We love that the briyani was not oily.
We ordered mutton and chicken briyani.
This is the mutton briyani which I prefer.
The meat was so tender and flavourful.
Chicken Briyani.
Not a fan as they use chicken breast.
BF ordered fried chicken drumstick.
It was ok, tasted like any ordinary fried chicken.


Meanwhile, I ordered Chicken 65.
It tasted like fried tandoori chicken.
I prefer this to BF’s drumstick as this has more flavours.


Total price was about RM50.00 including the coconut juice and 1 glass of iced water.
Parking was not a problem for us as we were here around 5.30 pm.
Fierce Curry House
16, Jalan Kemuja,
Bangsar Utama, KL.


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