Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah, Kelana Jaya

We were in Kelana Jaya yesterday to try the famous Fend Ikan Bakar.
Too bad it was not opened for dinner.
So I suggested Mohd Chan Restaurant which is just a stone away from Fend Ikan Bakar.
I have always wanted to try Mohd Chan’s dishes as I know it is a very popular makan place for Chinese Muslim food.
BF had a bad feeling about this place even before we stepped into the restaurant.
In this case, we both can’t help but to compare this place with Muhibbah Restaurant.
The cover of the menu.


They have Kedondong Juice.
Lots of dishes to choose from.
When we were there, most patrons ordered fried rice.
The portion looks big.
In fact, I think we were the only ones who had white rice with dishes.
The others either had fried rice, chicken rice or noodles.
Pictures of their famous dishes are plastered on every corner of the place.
They even have duck rice too.
This was what we ordered last night.
Kedondong Asam Boi (RM3.50) & Plain Water (RM0.30)
Love the Kedondong juice.
Tomyam Seafood (RM15.00)
This was the weirdest (if not worst ….) tomyam we ever had.
It didn’t taste like tomyam and it was too thick.
They added sawi (I think it’s known as chinese mustard green in English) and cabbage in it. Horror!
In fact, there were just too much vegetables in it.
Overall, this tomyam was bad.


Seong Tong Lala (RM20.00)
I didn’t like that they used cili padi (bird’s eye chili) so liberally in almost every dish.
It makes the food less authentic. After all, we are here to eat Chinese food but halal.

This Lala dish looks promising when we saw the picture in the menu.
The gravy was quite nice and sweet actually.
However, there were more empty shells than the lala itself.
In addition it was such a hassle and messy when we had to open up most of the shells.
Leceh lah.
BF ended up with mud in his rice and he was so annoyed about it….lol. It was a funny sight though  😛
At RM20.00, it is way overpriced for such mediocre dish.
Muhibbah’s lala dish is still our favourite.


Yam Ring Masak Kong Boh Ayam (RM25.00)
Again, too much cili padi in here.
I love yam, so I ordered this dish.
The yam ring was okay.
Of course it can’t be compared with the yam ring in Chinese restaurants.
But overall I was quite happy with it. Maybe because I enjoy eating yam.
If only they didn’t add the cili padi, then it would be much better.
Stim Siakap ‘Cheong Zheng’ (RM38.00)
This was the best dish of the night.
The fish was fresh and quite big.
Spicy gravy that went well with our rice.
It was the only dish that we managed to finish and enjoy.

We paid RM104.20 last night for the food and left feeling unsatisfied and totally let down.
Hopefully they will be able to improve their standards in future.

Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah
B-G-06, Jalan SS6/20,
Dataran Glomac,
Kelana Jaya,
47301, Petaling Jaya.



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