Tao Cuisine, Sunway Giza



2 days ago, I called Jogoya to enquire about their Gentleman Promotion (male customers pay only RM10.00++) and was informed that it has ended on 29 April 2013.
But I told them that their website says the last day was 30 April 2013.
The staff who answered my call explained that 30 April 2013 is the eve of a public holiday, therefore the 29 April 2013 was the last day of the promotion.
Huh? What kind of excuse is that?
So misleading.
Penipu scammer…
So we changed our plan and went to Tao Cuisine in Sunway Giza instead.
A quick google tells me that the food quality in Tao has dropped.
I took my chance anyway.
It was a bad decision, girl  🙁
(btw, please excuse the low quality of my photos. I forgot to bring my calculator, so I had to snap the photos using a potato. Plus the lightning in Tao was quite dim. 
Note to self: must save up to buy new camera.)
We arrived at 6.25pm but was told that we have to leave by 8.00pm.
This leads us to the buffet area.
The interior was quite impressive.
I really like the flower bud light hanging on the ceiling.
There are special rooms for large groups.
Time to change the menu?
Ala carte buffet items.
You can order as many times as you like.
Just tell the staff what do you want and they will send your order to the kitchen.
I wish there’s photo for each item.
Or at least a brief description.
The menu choice is quite extensive.
These were available at the sushi counter.
Salmon sashimi and sushi weren’t quite fresh, especially the sushi.
Tasted as if it’s been sitting on the counter for many hours.
The oysters were okay.
Salmon Teriyaki.
BF ordered 2 plates.
For me, it tasted just average.
Abalone with special sauce.
I read that this is a must order in Tao.
And yes, it didn’t disappoint me.
I ordered this as I really like baby octopus.
But this has to be the worst Chuka Idako I have ever tasted.
The baby octopus was tasteless.
It was as though the poor thing was boiled until it’s dry.
And let’s not talk about the sauce.
Mint Lamb.
BF didn’t like it because he thinks the mint was too overpowering.
So I had to finish the whole plate.
Steamed Cod Fish.
Though I enjoyed eating the fatty part of the fish.
Steamed Lala Thai Style.
We both love this dish.
The lala was cooked with lemon grass, lime, garlic and cili padi.
We ended up eating 3 bowls of it…lol.
Lamb Teriyaki.
We were informed that this is their new item.
Had 2 helpings of the lamb.
Tastewise, it was pretty good.


Left: Soft Shelled Crab Temaki. At first I thought they have forgotten the crab as it’s not on the top. When I’m almost finished, it turns out that the crab was all the way at the bottom. The crab was salty 🙁

Right: California Temaki. The crabstick tasted really weird. I do not know how to explain it but it has this ‘hancur’ taste when I bite it. Maybe it was not thawed properly or perhaps it was over the expiry date.

Prawn Salsa.
Prawn tempura drenched in Maggi Tomato Sauce.
Yup, I’m serious.


Teppanyaki Mussels.
We love it, so we ordered twice.
Grilled prawns and baby octopus.
BF thought they were delicious.
As for me, my prawn was not fresh  🙁



3 layered eggs.
I took this from the counter as I was curious.
The egg thingy tasted ok but the sauce did not.
I have never eaten this before.
It has this milky vanilla taste which I enjoyed very much.
So I took another of it.
Yummy 🙂
We paid RM55.80++ per person.
Service was good. We didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive.
Overall, there were hits and misses but we think the management should really look into the freshness and food quality aspects.
Tao Cuisine
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
2nd Floor, 
No. 2, Jalan PJU5/14,
Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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