Silver Spoon, Publika

Went to Silver Spoon in Publika after work for dinner.
My main reason of going there is to see their interiors.
I have read many blogs about them using cutleries, glasses and kitchen items to decorate their place.
Yup, I’m a sucker for such things 😛
As usual, let’s see the menu first.
And now, the interiors.
As you can see, those things hanging on the ceiling were made from spoons.
The lighting here was low, hence my dark looking photos.
I tried using flash but it made my photos worse.
Custom made spoons.
More spoons hanging right on top of our head.
At the counter, the glasses took the spotlight.
BBQ Chicken Wings (RM18.00++)
Well marinated, a little oily.
But they were good.
Linguine Alfredo (RM26.00++)
This was yummy.
It was so creamy and the poached egg was an added bonus.
That brown thing under the egg was Portobello mushroom.



BBQ Chicken Pizza (RM28.00++)
Thin crust pizza with charcoal base.
I had a slice of the pizza.
A tiny bit salty for me but overall, it was quite good.
BF loves pizza and he usually could finish a whole 12″ pizza all by himself.
As for this pizza, we had to tapau the remaining slices as he didn’t like the charcoal dough.
I don’t know why he even ordered it in the first place….lol.
Men can be so weird.
Silver Spoon
Lot No. 33, Level G2,
Solaris Dutamas, KL.



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