Groupon Deal 2013 Review: Tony Roma’s Bountiful Beef Ribs, 1 Mont Kiara

Recently I purchased a Groupon Deal voucher for a meal in Tony Roma’s.
The deal was not bad. I paid RM40.00 for a voucher worth RM82.00.
However the voucher is only valid at 1 Mont Kiara and Setia City Mall.
I guess they were chosen because these 2 outlets are usually pretty quiet and less crowded.
I get to choose to have either:
Tony Roma’s beef ribs with chicken tenders + soup of the day + drink for RM40.00 instead of RM79.70
Tony Roma’s beef ribs with BBQ quarter chicken + soup of the day + drink for RM40.00 instead of RM82.00



As you can see, the ribs and chicken alone is almost RM50.00.
It was a good deal.
With this deal, I get a bowl of Soup of the Day which is RM9.90++.
Fruity Breeze.
A combination of Sprite/ 7UP and orange juice.
The Soup of the Day was vegetable and beef soup.
I enjoyed this.
Complimentary bread with garlic butter
My plate of ribs and BBQ Quater Chicken.
As for the side dish, I chose coleslaw and loaded mashed potato.
BF had New York Strip (RM58.90++).
I forgot to snap a pic of his steak because I was too caught up with some bad service drama here.First, the staff totally messed up his order.
He asked for the steak to be well done.
When it was served, the steak was not cooked and blood was dripping all over his plate.Of course we asked the lady staff to bring it back to the kitchen.
To our horror, she asked BF to pick up and move the steak from the serving plate onto the cutlery plate (you know, the little plate on your left where you put your cutlery).
Both of us went WTH?? and again she said the same thing.Seeing BF’s muka masam, I told her to take whole plate to the kitchen.Seriously girl, where’s your common sense?

The girl came back with BF’s steak.
Another horror.
The steak was served on the very same plate which they used earlier.
So the now cooked steak was sitting happily on a pool of blood.
BF called the outlet manager and gave her an earful for their poor service.
The manager apologised and returned with new plate.

Then it was time to go home.
I gave the “bill please” signal to the lady staff who served the steak earlier.
She saw me, acknowledged and mouthed “Bill? Ok”.
And we sat there…waiting for our precious bill to come.
Watching her passing by our table several times without the bill.
By the way, about 5 tables were occupied at that time.
So it wasn’t really a busy evening.

After about 15-20 minutes of waiting game, I called another waiter and told him that we haven’t gotten our bill.
He was surprised and quickly went to get it.
BF was pissed off and gave his second round of lecture.
The poor waiter had to bear the brunt of the lady staff’s mistakes.

Hopefully there will be some improvement after getting 2 special lecture sessions from BF on that day…lol.

Tony Roma’s Restaurant
No. G23A, Ground Floor,
1 Mont Kiara,
Jalan Mont Kiara,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.


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